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Sound of Agape Radio
Blessings of gratitude to ALL our listeners! And a special note of gratefulness to those who have contributed to our fund drive! The Sound of Agape Radio continues thanks directly to your contributions and participation! We invite you to consider this your Agape Station. Send requests, suggestions for programming, even send recorded personal testimonies of what the music means to you and we'll play it on the air. There are no walls between you and what emerges from this station. This is a Listeners Community. Thank you for being a part of it. If you haven't done so, and should you have the desire, from your overflow, please join in our fundraising campaign. Even $1 makes a difference. Click the Facebook icon on this site to find our Facebook page. Once there click on the DONATE button to be taken to our secure PayPal account. Help us continue to keep the sounds of rhythm and joy broadcasting 24/7. If this is not a time of financial flow for you then simply receive this music as a gift; from Spirit, from our hearts, from that part of you that holds these artists close; those voices who reflect and reveal the deepest truths of who we all really are. Feel it. Allow it. Be supported, compelled and guided by the Sound of Agape. Questions or more info? Contact us at:
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